Hike-A-Thon 2017: It’s A Wrap!

Over 30 people participated in Hike-A-Thon 2017, PLC’s first ever hiking fundraiser, on New Year’s Day. We had a crowd at the KnigHike-A-Thon-Logo-FINALht Brown Nature Preserve, including a group of boy scouts, a team of librarians, staff from Great Outdoor Provision Company, kids, retirees and more. Other hikers also joined in on First Day hikes at state parks and other PLC-protected locations. We also had a “Hunt-A-Thon” as part of an annual local foxhunt, as well as a resourceful hiker who made the most of a family vacation by taking an “urban hike” in downtown Portland.


As a result of these dedicated folks, PLC received over 75 donations in support of Hike-A-Thon. Including the IMG_1513 GOPco Hunt A Thon 2017
Librarians Others
support of our Hike-A-Thon sponsor, Colonial Pipeline Company, Hike-A-Thon 2017 resulted in almost $7,000 for local land conservation! Thank you to all our hikers and donors as well as Colonial Pipeline Company, Great Outdoor Provision Company and Mast General Store for their support.