6 Fundraising Tips for Hike-A-Thon Hikers


Here are 6 quick tips to help with your fundraising goal. We hope they will help inspire you to get the word out and reach the goal you set. We know you can do it!

6 Fundraising Tips for Hike-A-Thon Hikers

  1. Explain the cause.

    Some people you know may not be too familiar with Piedmont Land Conservancy. Take a look around piedmontland.org and familiarize yourself with our mission and projects. Here is our mission statement to get you started: Piedmont Land Conservancy protects our region’s natural lands, farms and waters for present and future generations. PLC connects people with nature.   This video from LandJam 2016 might also be something to share.

  2. Tell a story.

    Explain why you are participating in Hike-A-Thon. Do you have a favorite memory from a good hiking day? A personal connection to nature? The truth is, most people giving to your hike are supporting YOU as much as they are supporting PLC. Make it personal and make a connection.

  3. Be specific.

     Suggest a donation amount and tell them exactly how to do it. We all know your friends and family are smart people, but the more “blanks” you can fill in the better. For example, the phrase “Please donate to my Hike-A-Thon goal, you can give online!” is good. Better yet: “Will you make a $20 or $30 donation to my Hike-A-Thon goal? You can click the following link and make an online donation with your credit card–it’s as easy as shopping online. Your donation will go straight to PLC and you will see your gift reflected in my fundraising thermometer immediately.”

  4. “You can make it my holiday present!”

    Don’t feel like you need another tacky sweater? Good on fruitcake? Ask your friends and family to skip the mall and donate to your Hike-A-Thon goal instead.

  5. Tell people how you want to thank them for their donation.

    In addition to your personalhat-sticker thanks, we have a supply of “I Love The Land” stickers for you to give to your donors. It’s a small thing, but we hope you and your donors will think it’s a fun gesture. Need your stickers? Get in touch by email and we’ll pop them in the mail or arrange a time for your to pick them up. And there are plenty of other ways to show your thanks. Get creative. Personalized videos, Facebook shout-outs…let your attitude of gratitude shine.

  6. You might have to ask more than once.

    We’d all like to think one email or post will be all it takes, but it may not be the case. We don’t want you to annoy everybody but consider making a second request after you’ve made your first try (and asking people in person is always a good idea).


We hope these help! Thank you for being a part of Hike-A-Thon 2017. Good Luck!