How Can You Protect Your Land?

Many people desire to protect forever treasured family lands, as a legacy, so future generations can continue to enjoy and appreciate these special places. PLC can help landowners achieve these goals, through a number of different options. Each protection project is unique, depending on the personal vision of landowners and the nature of the resources to be protected.

PLC only works with interested landowners and helps landowners through the process of land protection, including consideration of protection options and potential benefits. In many cases, state and federal tax incentives make land protection financially possible for landowners. PLC uses the following tools to meet the special needs of landowners seeking to conserve their lands:

  • Conservation Easements
  • Donation of Land
  • Bargain Sales
  • Remainder Interest Trust for reserved life estate
  • Bequest
  • Living trust
  • Charitable trust
  • Installment gifts
  • Sales of land

If you would like to discuss your land protection options, please call the PLC office at (336) 691-0088 and ask to speak with a Land Protection Specialist.

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Please download and complete our initial survey so we can best understand your goals and land. Questions? Call 336-691-0088

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PLC protects land using a variety of flexible tools, depending on landowner interests and the conservation values of the land.

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PLC’s most commonly used conservation tool.

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A brief overview of tax considerations related to conserving your land.

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