Group Nature Outings And Team Building

Piedmont Land Conservancy offers group outings for businesses.

people in nature 2 fernsOur mission: It’s plain as day in our mission statement: PLC connects people to nature. Helping engender a relationship with our natural world is as much a part of our work as conservation easements and land acquisition. It’s what we do.

Your team: Get your people out from the office and into the field…maybe even an actual field. Call it team building or call it thinking outside the box. It’s a chance to deepen connections and refocus.

Our region: PLC has protected farms, greenways, hiking trails, waterways and many other important areas of the Piedmont. PLC can take you and your team into the great diversity of nature. Hike, paddle, or stroll…we can make it happen.

Your goals: Your day in nature is up to you. Our guide will keep you on track, offer some interesting facts and answer questions. We can also work with you to program a message to meet your team building goals.

Ready to get outside? Let’s talk.
Contact Piedmont Land Conservancy to schedule a group outing for your team. We’ll find a time, place and plan that meets your needs. Contact Karrie Jo Manson at 336-691-0088 or by email.