Emily Allen Wildflower Preserve – Forsyth County

6 Acres

“Here is something greater than I am and it’s a legacy that I can pass on to others.” – the late Emily Allen

Emily Allen and Family, Donation of Land.

Emily used to describe her former yard as “a mess with poison ivy, honeysuckle, and blackberries growing everywhere.” Then over 30 years ago she discovered a showy orchid (Galearis spectabilis) struggling to survive within the “mess” and asked a local expert what it was. With this initial discovery Emily began her journey that has transformed her fifth-generation land into a breathtakingly beautiful woodland wildflower garden known as the Emily H. Allen Wildflower Preserve.

Home to 28 of the 35 known eastern North American Trillium, 30 species of ferns, the state and federal species of special concern Oconee Bells (Shortia glacifolia) and many others, the Preserve was permanently protected in 2000 by Emily Allen and her husband O.G through a donated easement. In 2014, Emily’s family donated the Preserve and the residence on site to PLC to be used as an educational resource. This protection ensures that generations to come will be able to enjoy this beautiful woodland garden and learn about native North Carolina wildflowers first-hand (*see note below about renting the residence from PLC). This unique place called for a unique easement which ensures that the garden will be maintained forever by PLC under the guidance of a Preserve Management Committee.

Currently the Preserve is open by appointment only and for a limited number of special events each year. To request a tour or to learn more about volunteer opportunities in the Preserve, please contact Mindy Mock by email or by calling her at PLC (336) 691-0088.

Project funding provided by the landowner, the Winston-Salem Foundation, and PLC.

SPECIAL NOTE: PLC has owned the Emily Allen Wildflower Preserve and home site in Winston-Salem since the Allen family so generously donated the property to us in December 2014. For the past several years, we have had a tenant in the house, but she recently moved and we are currently looking for a new tenant to live on this unique property. PLC will retain the use of the Garden and downstairs of the house for the Friends Volunteer Workdays, educational workshops, and other special meetings and events, while leasing the upstairs of the house to a tenant with an interest in assisting with the security, maintenance, and upkeep of the Garden. Please see the attached Request for Proposals (RFP) for more details. Proposals must be received by January 31 in order to be considered. Please direct questions to Mindy Mock, mmock@piedmontland.org or Kevin Redding, kredding@piedmontland.org. We can also be reached at the PLC office 336.691.0088.

Request For Proposals (EAWP 2018)