PLC's fresh look

Say Hello to Our New Logo

2 MIN READ  |  BY THE TEAM AT PLC  |  APRIL 22, 2021

We are launching a brand refresh and we’d like to tell you why we decided to evolve our look.

Visual Impressions are in the signs at the local park, the hairstyle on your head, the products at the grocery, and on the store itself. There’s no escaping it. People judge a book by its cover without thinking, and a logo gives you the chance to tell your story in 2 seconds.  Logo design can convey a lot about an organization. It’s the visual representation of who we are. We want people to see our logo, feel our values, and know that they are somewhere they can trust.

Our original logo served us well for 30 years, and many people may be sad to see it go. But we believe this refresh will let people know that we are crafting a conservation vision that looks toward the future, and we understand that perception is an important part of people trusting and valuing an organization.

We are excited to use this rebrand to align all our platforms to a consistent look, but we are also using it to fix a few flaws: 

  • Our logo lacked versatility. We were stuck in vertical mode! We wanted something that was easier to apply in different sizes and situations.
  • Many people were confused by the logo. The stream and valley were not obvious enough and it was so skinny that it often didn’t stand out when condensed to smaller sizes.
  • Our font felt too severe and too formal. “Conservancy” was squished and hard to read.
  • PLC has grown a lot as an organization since 1990. We thought it was natural for our brand to grow as well.

The new logo solves those problems while communicating who we are in a more clear, modern, and colorful way. It remains professional but feels more approachable. Along with being a bit more modern, we’re excited to have a consistent look that is more colorful and flexible but still feels like us. This design comes from the good people at Graphic Collective. We are so grateful to them for crafting this logo that can last another 30 years.

PLC’s original logo, born in 1990, will always be a revered part of our history. It’s been our face for 30 years: 30 years of dedicated people working hard, and working with persistence to protect 28,000 acres of land. Our new logo nods to the old, keeping the same stream and valley that represents the landscape of the Piedmont so well. We hope our new logo signals our active investment in our work and our sustained appetite to carry out a balanced vision for the Piedmont and the people who live here.  

So we’ve got a new look. One thing that hasn’t changed? Our mission. And we’re glad you’re on board as we continue protecting the nature of the Piedmont.

Will you continue to support land conservation in the Piedmont?

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