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Caraway Creek Preserve

Owned and Managed by Piedmont Land Conservancy

829 Jerico Rd, Asheboro, NC 27205

Open daily from dawn to dusk.

Caraway Creek Preserve is located near Asheboro, North Carolina at the Northern terminus of the ancient Uwharrie Mountain chain. The preserve protects 167 acres of land and hosts 2.5 miles of hiking trails that opened to the public on May 18th, 2023, during North Carolina’s Year of the Trail.

Quick Notes

Trails Description:

On the northern edge of the Uwharrie Mountain range, hike up to 3 miles at Caraway Creek Preserve, PLC’s second nature preserve, opened in May of 2023.

The natural surface, hand-built trails meander across beautiful, historic land primarily under tree cover. The hike will give you grand views of surrounding hills in the winter and early spring. 

A main feature of the preserve is a historic check dam, seen from the Caraway Forks Trail. This dam was likely built in the early 1900s as a method for silt-retention and flood prevention. It’s large size and considerable craftsmanship are best appreciated in person. Other features of the preserve are mature forests, hikes along ravine edges, and spectacular flora and fauna, as the preserve is located near lots of other PLC protected land.

Please note to check for ticks after a visit, especially in the summer months.

Getting There

The trail has one trailhead and parking area with up to 15 parking spaces. The trailhead features a kiosk with a trail map and other information.

The trailhead does not have bathroom facilities.


Starting in 2021 PLC staff and volunteers have been building hiking trails on beautiful land near Asheboro to open the land as PLC’s second nature preserve. PLC acquired 2 tracts of land that together make up the 167 acre preserve.

PLC’s Conservation Adviser and Inventory Biologist, Dr. Kenneth Bridle, said that the land is a key parcel to protect because of its diversity: “It has areas of mature trees in a nice tributary stream valley leading to Caraway Creek and a few open fields that can make wildflower and pollinator habitat. My favorite part is the floodplain bottomland with lush wildflowers, native cane, and vernal pools for amphibians.”

Piedmont Land Conservancy has protected 1,064 acres of land in the northern Uwharrie Mountains, all within a 2.5 miles radius of Caraway Creek Preserve, including portions of Caraway Mountain, Mt. Shepherd, and Ridges Mountain, the highest peaks in the northern Uwharries. This landscape scale conservation helps protect the ecological integrity of this important habitat for wildlife and aquatic life, like the six rare freshwater mussel species that call Caraway Creek home. 

The land helps tell the story of thousands of years of history beginning with the Keyauwee tribe, Native Americans who lived along Caraway Creek. The term “Caraway” is an Anglicized name for “Keyauwee.” The land is likely part of or very close to the Great Trading Path, a Native American trail that stretched across North Carolina which became a primary trading route in the 1600-1700s. Patches of younger woods and planted pines illustrate the agricultural and timbering history of the area. Additionally, the State Historic Preservation Office identified multiple potential archeological sites on the future preserve.  

Volunteer crews from Piedmont Land Conservancy and the Uwharrie Trailblazers worked to build 2.5 miles of trail across the protected land. 

You Made it Happen

This forever protected land and trail were made possible by many generous donors and volunteers. Thank you!

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