Why Protect Land?

Did you Know?

North Carolina is expected to become the 8th most populous state in our country.

Much of that growth is expected in the Piedmont. This makes our work more critical for the future.

Protecting Land Now and for the Future

People choose to live in North Carolina because it is attractive and green, and offers work, education, recreation and cultural opportunities. Our abundant and beautiful natural places help define the high “quality of life” enjoyed by our local communities and visitors, helping make the Piedmont a destination and home to an ever increasing population. However, high population growth puts pressure on our environment. We need clean air to breath, clean drinking water, reliable food sources, and green spaces for play and relaxation to continue the quality of life we value.

Protecting our vital natural places for our communities and future generations is the work of Piedmont Land Conservancy. In this mission, there’s something for everyone:

  • For our landowners, it’s about leaving a legacy;
  • If you live in the Piedmont, it’s about having a clean, safe drinking water supply;
  • For a farmer, it’s about preserving the soils that support your livelihood;
  • If you are an outdoor enthusiast, it’s about increasing opportunities to hike, ride or paddle;
  • If you are spiritual, it falls within the emerging forum on “creation care”;
  • For economic developers, it’s about preserving our region’s quality of life;
  • To a scientist, it’s about safeguarding our native plants and animals;
  • To any parent or grandparent, it’s about providing for your beloved next generation; and
  • For a child, it’s an opportunity to learn, explore and dream in a natural environment.

PLC has protected more than 200 places across our region. 
Many of these properties are private lands. For publicly accessible properties, see Parks, Trails and Preserves.

Our Mission

Piedmont Land Conservancy protects our region’s natural lands, family farms, and waters for the benefit of all living things through land protection, stewardship of conserved spaces, and connecting people with nature.

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