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5 Min read by Brianna Haferman, PLC Communication and Engagement Director – February 2023

Recently, Eliza MacLean has taken her authentic farming philosophy one step further by placing a conservation agreement with Piedmont Land Conservancy on 50 acres of her land. Her passion and pride in the old methods of small family farms were a big part of why she took this step to protect her land. 

3 Min read by Brianna Haferman, PLC Communication and Engagement Director – December 2023

The 110-acre Speer Farm in Booneville (Yadkin County) is now forever protected by a conservation agreement through Piedmont Land Conservancy. That means that unlike much of the other land along Highway 601 between Yadkinville and Boonville which is seeing rapid development, the Speer farm will retain its scenic, rural character and be available for farming forever.

2 Min read by the Team at PLC – December 2023

This year explore a more meaningful approach that reflects the spirit of the season.

If there’s a nature lover in your life we’ve compiled a list of earth-friendly gift ideas we’d love for you to make your own.

3 Min read by Dr. Ken Bridle, PLC Conservation Advisor – November 2023

The land conservancy business is a hopeful one.

We are working to make the world a better place, now and for the future. We know our local community will benefit from the special spaces we protect. We are optimistic that saving natural places will slow the decline of our local plant and animal species. And we hope that what we protect will make a difference in your life, your children’s lives, and their children’s lives.

4 Min read by Brianna Haferman, PLC Communication and Engagement Director – November 2023

Steep bluffs fall down to the Mitchell river covered in Rhododendron. The acoustic sounds of the gentle rapids chorus continually. Wild paradises still exist here in the piedmont of North Carolina and we’re protecting them. Read more about Quail Hill Farm, 178 acres of land near Elkin, where a paradise is forever protected.

2 Min read by the Team at PLC – November 2023

Along the banks of PLC protected land, the endangered Roanoke Logperch was re-introduced to the Mayo River. 

5 Min read by Tesla Jefferson, PLC Conservation and Stewardship Associate – November 2023

Read how you can make an impact on the health of North Carolina through managing your property to mirror our natural and native ecosystems.

2 Min read by the team at PLC – August 2023

Out in the rolling hills of Surry County, more land has been protected along the south fork of the Mitchell River. When Suzie and Dick Everhart first bought these 54 acres in 1989, the land was mostly barren. Today is wholly transformed and completely protected.

2 Min read by the team at PLC – July 2023

227 acres are now forever protected by Piedmont Land Conservancy, saving beautiful views, wildlife habitat, and water quality of the Fisher River.

3 Min read by the team at PLC – April, 2023

Piedmont Land Conservancy acquired an 848-acre tract on the Dan River in Stokes County near Walnut Cove that will soon become the first Educational State Forest in the piedmont triad region.

3 Min read by the team at PLC December, 2022

At 1,865 feet, Wells Knob is one of the highest features in Wilkes County before the rise of the Blue Ridge Mountains begins five miles to the west. As of December 21, 2022, the knob is forever protected by a conservation easement held by PLC.

2 Min read by the team at PLC December, 2022

Leaves crunch underfoot and a thin winter chill moves over the forested land now, but these 93 acres that buffer the Mayo River will continue to burst with life year after year, undisturbed from now on. 

3 Min read by the team at PLC November, 2022

Water is necessary for the survival of all living beings on earth which is why it is so essential to protect. Each small stream matters. Which river basin do you live in?

2 Min read by the team at PLC October, 2022

“Legacy.” It’s about learning from the past, living in the present, and building for the future. It helps us decide the kind of life we want to live and the kind of world we want to live in. 

3 Min read by the team at PLC October, 2022

For the past year and a half PLC staff and volunteers have been building hiking trails on a beautiful parcel of land near Asheboro in anticipation of opening the land as PLC’s second nature preserve: Caraway Creek Nature Preserve. That plan just got bigger and better!

2 Min read by the team at PLC August, 2022

Guilford County Commissioners voted to allocate $2.3 million to make Bandera Farms Park a reality!

4 Min read by the team at PLC August, 2022

Along the Deep River there’s a movement happening: an effort to complete the Deep River State Trail, and PLC just became a more central player.

4 Min read by the team at PLC July 14, 2022

This June, something amazing happened. We raised $15,000 for Piedmont Legacy Trails.

3 Min read by the team at PLC July 8, 2022

Founding members of Piedmont Land Conservancy gathered to honor Kathy Treanor, founding director, by dedicating a new table and benches in her name for the terrace at Emily Allen Wildflower Preserve in Winston-Salem. 

3 Min read by the team at PLC and Land For Tomorrow | May 23, 2022

Our state’s conservation needs are not one-and-done. Piedmont Land Conservancy and our fellow members of the Land for Tomorrow coalition are working with state leaders to build on the foundation of conservation funding. Every generation deserves to have healthy functioning land and water that are not only beautiful but also provide clean air and water.

3 Min read by the team at PLC | May 19, 2022

Piedmont Land Conservancy has transferred 95 acres to Mayo River State Park in Rockingham County to help expand the park, provide more recreation opportunities for residents, and protect the drinking-water source for the towns of Mayodan and Stoneville. 

2 Min read by Palmer McIntyre at PLC | January 8, 2022

Preserving the most important natural lands in the Triad doesn’t happen without a lot of strategy. We’re sharing the why and the how behind our conservation vision for the Piedmont.

2 Min read by the Team at PLC | December 20, 2021

Piedmont Land Conservancy transferred two tracts totaling 297 acres to the Town of Elkin for permanent ownership and management. Located on the steep, forested slopes of the Blue Ridge Escarpment, the properties protect several streams that form the headwaters of Elkin’s drinking water supply, Elkin Creek.

Piedmont Land Conservancy Honored with 2021 Dogwood Award

1 Min read by the Team at PLC | November 23, 2021

On November 23, Piedmont Land Conservancy was recognized for our work in water and air quality protection as well as demonstrated excellence in our key role to unite partners and acquire funding for the future Bandera Farms Park.

A Brook Trout Rescue

4 Min read by Dr. Ken Bridle at PLC | August 12, 2021

The story begins last November when the Surry County Forester noticed a large logging and land clearing event at the top of the Blue Ridge.

PLC Acquires more Land for Mayo River State Park

2 Min read by the Team at PLC | July 14, 2021

PLC closed more gaps along the Mayo River in Rockingham County last month, with the acquisition of two tracts that preserve nearly 1 mile of river frontage.

Celebrating Spring at the Emily Allen Wildflower Preserve

3 Min read by Mindy Mock at PLC | May 28, 2021

Spaces filled in just a few days for our limited visits to the Emily Allen Wildflower Preserve this Spring. The lucky groups who got to visit were in for a treat after all the hard work of our dedicated Volunteers.

Say Hello to Our New Logo

2 Min read by the Team at PLC | April 22, 2021

Piedmont Land Conservancy has a new logo! We’d love to tell you why we decided to change up our look after 30 years.

Our Trail Coordinator's 10 Favorite Trails

4 Min read by Brianna | April 22, 2021

In honor of Earth Day I’m delighted to share some ideas to get you and your loved ones outside this Spring! I’ve been out on lots of the trails in the Triad (not all yet!) so I’ve put together a list of some of the stand outs. 

Cane Creek Mountains Natural Area nearly Doubles in Size

4 Min read by the team at plc | February 22, 2021

The property, known as the Sizemore addition, will nearly double the size of the Natural Area, bringing it to roughly 1,000 acres of County-owned, protected, publicly accessible park land.

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