Our Latest Success

Elkin Creek Headwaters Protected by PLC – to Become Public Access Trail

  • Piedmont Land Conservancy acquired 241 acres from the Lassiter Family along US 21
  • Piedmont Land Conservancy will transfer 297 acres to the Town of Elkin
  • Combined properties will become a public trails preserve

Piedmont Land Conservancy (PLC) acquired 241 acres on US Highway 21 near Stone Mountain State Park from the Lassiter Family to conserve steep, forested slopes and the headwaters of Elkin Creek, which is the Town of Elkin’s drinking water supply downstream.

This tract, combined with an adjacent, 56-acre tract donated to PLC by the Chatham Family in 1999, creates a 297-acre preserve that will be transferred to the Town of Elkin for permanent ownership. These properties are located in an area known as the Blue Ridge Escarpment, the region of significant elevation change along the steep slopes leading up to the Blue Ridge. The Escarpment is one of the most ecologically significant landscapes in North Carolina due to the presence of extensive, unfragmented forests, headwaters streams, and habitat for many sensitive species of plants and animals.

The properties provide an excellent opportunity to create high quality, low-impact recreation and education for nearby residents and visitors. Miles of former logging roads on the Lassiter tract can easily be converted into trails by volunteers with the Elkin Valley Trails Association over the next few years. Historically, a part of this property was to become a portion of the Elkin & Alleghany Railroad.

PLC has protected significant sections of the Blue Ridge Escarpment within our service area of the north-central Piedmont, including the headwaters of the Mitchell River and the Fisher River (including Fisher Peak).

The Chatham Foundation, Amon G. Carter Foundation, PLC supporters and The Native Plant Society all made gifts to support the acquisition of the Elkin Creek Headwaters property from the Lassiter Family.

For more information contact:
Kevin Redding, Executive Director, Piedmont Land Conservancy
336-691-0088(office) 336-337-1831 (cell) or kredding@piedmontland.org