What We Do

Piedmont Land Conservancy protects our region’s natural lands, farms and waters for present and future generations. PLC connects people with nature.

This is the mission of Piedmont Land Conservancy.

North Carolina’s Piedmont is a special place, with its scenic landscape of rolling hills, abundant rivers and streams, productive farms, diverse forests, historic communities, and a myriad of state and local parks and trails showcasing some of our region’s most iconic natural places.

Piedmont Land Conservancy’s purpose is to protect these special places to help ensure clean water for our communities, habitat for our wildlife, locally grown food, parks and trails, and other places for people to connect with nature.

Since its founding in 1990, PLC has permanently protected more than 200 of our region’s special places encompassing more than 26,000 acres.

Learn more about how one donor’s journey resulted in the establishment of the Knight-Brown Nature Preserve.

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