Who We Are

Vision & Mission

Piedmont Land Conservancy protects our region’s natural lands, farms and waters for present and future generations. PLC connects people with nature.

Piedmont Land Conservancy permanently protects important lands to conserve our region’s rivers and streams, natural and scenic areas, wildlife habitat and farmland that make the Piedmont a healthy and vibrant place to live, work and visit for present and future generations.

To fulfill our mission we strive toward the following goals:

  • To acquire and manage natural areas in piedmont North Carolina;
  • To protect endangered or significant native species of flora and fauna and to preserve areas with significant topographical features;
  • To maintain the ecological integrity of the bioregion, including its air and water quality and biological diversity;
  • To fulfill the human need for scenic land and open space to provide opportunities for learning from and enjoying the natural world; and,
  • To enhance and buffer our communities.