Land Protected
along the Mayo River

PLC Acquires Hickory Creek Expansion along the Mayo River


Leaves crunch underfoot and a thin winter chill moves over the forested land now, but these 93 acres that buffer the Mayo River will continue to burst with life year after year, undisturbed from now on. 

On December 14th, PLC closed on the Hickory Creek Expansion property adjacent to both the Mayo River and the natural lands previously protected by Piedmont Land Conservancy, which now belong to Mayo River State Park. The Hickory Creek Expansion will extend the large scale conservation efforts to protect the Mayo River’s high water quality, endangered fish, rare aquatic species, and significant recreational opportunities along the river. Because the wooded tract holds a tributary to the river and well as banks along the Mayo River, this land purchase will further safe-guard clean drinking water for those living downstream.

The growing connected pieces of protected land are not only good for water quality, but will also be a benefit for wildlife, providing habitat, food, and migratory passages. 

Hickory Creek Expansion Mayo River 3D Map

PLC has added nearly 500 acres to Mayo River State Park in North Carolina and 216 acres to Virginia’s Mayo River State Park since 2016, significantly increasing direct river access and creating something of a non-traditional, more linear State Park. This newly acquired land will have the same destiny as PLC remains committed to growing this beautiful State Park. Thanks to our supporters, we were able to move quickly to snag this perfect addition to expand one of North Carolina’s great State Parks.

Hickory Creek cuts through the forested slopes of the newly protected 93 acres
An old single room cabin still stands on a high point of the land
Kevin Redding, PLC Executive Director, & Will Truslow, PLC Board President exploring the newly acquired land

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