63 Acres Protected

Protecting Long Creek Park

Looking out across the land, it’s not hard to see that Winston Salem’s Long Creek Park was once a golf course, but efforts are being made to “rewild” parts of the land. As of May 30, 2024, 63 acres of the park are now permanently protected by a conservation agreement between Piedmont Land Conservancy and the City of Winston-Salem.

In 2017, the City of Winston-Salem purchased 100 acres of the old golf course, including the clubhouse and pool, for use as a much-needed park in the North Ward. The Conservation Fund acquired the remaining 63 acres which included the flood plain along Muddy Creek. In addition to providing critical habitat for local wildlife, this part of the property contains the remnants of a 1784 grist mill site that lies within the Town of Bethania’s National Historic Landmark District.

With funding from the North Carolina Land and Water Fund and Piedmont Land Conservancy’s willingness to hold the conservation agreement, the City was able to acquire the remaining acres from the Conservation Fund. The conservation agreement will insure that within these 63 acres, any new plantings will be native plants that benefit local wildlife.

For the Birds

Through their Bird Friendly Habitat Program, Forsyth Audubon has been advocating to restore and protect a portion of the park specifically to support local birds. A portion of the land will not be mowed to protect native plants for bird-habitat.

Dr. Chris Marsh, President of Forsyth Audubon and PLC Member shared, “Long Creek Park is an outstanding place to go birding because of its diversity of habitats ranging from shrubby hillsides with nesting yellow-breasted chats to creekside floodplain forest with Acadian flycatchers and Baltimore orioles.”

With significant wetland areas, great habitat for spotted salamanders, and the protection and restoration of bird habitat, we are grateful to the many partners who came together to protect and improve this wildlife sanctuary.

An Eastern Tiger Swallowtail perches on Verbesina alternifolia, sometimes know as Wingstem or Yellow Ironweed, at Long Creek Park

Take a Walk at Long Creek Park

In July of 2023, with some updates and renovations, the old golf course was opened as a park with a new picnic shelter and public swimming pool. Old cart paths have been converted into 4+ miles of walking trails at Long Creek Park. The paths journey through the fields, along wooded edges, and on bridges over Muddy Creek. The trails are paved but still have some cracks and bumps as well as gradual hills. The park also features a picnic shelter, restrooms, and Long Creek Pool.

Find the park and take a walk from the parking area at:

5801 Bethania Tobaccoville Road, Winston-Salem, NC 27106.

Learn more about the trails.
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Old golf cart paths are now used for walking at Long Creek Park

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