2nd Saturday Outing: Hike Walkers Creek Trail

March 10, 2018 @ 9:00 am – 12:00 pm
Uwharrie Mountains
Lynne Dardanell
The famed “Biscuit Rocks”

Join us at the soon to be opened Walkers Creek Trailhead in the beautiful Uwharrie Mountains.

Located at 6871 High Pine Ch. Rd Asheboro, NC south of the Birkhead Wilderness. This trailhead to open later this year will be the northern terminus of the Uwharrie Trail with 10 miles of new and reclaimed trail leading south to Jumpin’ Off Rock and Dark Mountain.
Much of this work has been accomplished by the Land Trust for Central NC in Salisbury and the trailhead was made possible by a willing landowner and NC Zoo Society.
We’ll gather at 9 am for mile hike to Walkers Creek stopping at Biscuit Rocks on the creek. This 2-mile section of trail will be built this spring. You can end your hike back at the trailhead just before lunch. However, you may bring a lunch and we may venture across the road to a potential path connecting to the Birkhead Wilderness. This should total about 4-5 miles of walking. We can eat lunch at a nearby property being considered for conservation. We’ll return just after lunch.
David Craft of the Uwharrie Trailblazers Trail Club will be our leader. This trailhead is not yet open to the public. Thanks to the NC Zoo Society for allowing us access. 

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