Dr. Kenneth A. Bridle
Native Plant Fund

Details of the Fund

Piedmont Land Conservancy will utilize the Dr. Kenneth A. Bridle Fund to protect and enhance native plant populations in our nine-county region. While PLC’s work often benefits native plants simply by keeping property from being developed, this fund will provide greater opportunity for targeted activities such as:

  • Planting native plants on PLC nature preserves such as Knight Brown Nature Preserve, or forthcoming Caraway Creek Nature Preserve or Elkin Creek Headwaters Preserve;
  • Managing and eliminating invasive species on PLC nature preserves so native plants can flourish;
  • Actively managing PLC nature preserves with tools such as prescribed fire, canopy openings, or prairie species reintroduction;
  • Assisting with transactional costs on conservation easement projects that directly benefit native plants;
  • Completing inventory work to assess native plant populations so PLC can continue following our scientific approach to land conservation.

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The Dr. Kenneth A. Bridle Native Plant Fund is being established by donors like you in honor of Ken’s devotion to conservation, preservation, and education in service to our local and global kinship with the more than human world.

About Dr. Kenneth A. Bridle

Dr. Kenneth A. Bridle has been a professional scientist for over 40 years. He has been active with PLC for over 30 years as a member, volunteer, consultant, board member and staff member. Ken was trained as a botanist with emphasis on plant physiology and natural product chemistry (Ph.D.), these interests have been applied to a variety of projects. He has worked as a natural heritage and watershed inventory biologist, field ecologist, science museum exhibits director and environmental consultant. 

Ken is the author of several county Natural Heritage Inventories (1998-2002) as well as watershed assessments, wetland delineations and rare plant and animal surveys.  He has conducted other local and regional conservation research and restoration projects in North Carolina and around the southeast for a variety of groups. 

Ken’s commitment to the Piedmont Triad area goes far beyond working at PLC. He is a founding member of the Dan River Basin Association and the Carolina Butterfly Society and has served on the board and been a volunteer for many conservation groups in North Carolina and Stokes County where he lives.  He is a past Chair of the Wildlife Resources Commission, Nongame Wildlife Advisory Committee which helps to facilitate work and listing of rare animal species in this state, a board on which he served for two decades.  He is also a past president of the North Carolina Native Plant Society and Past President of the North Carolina Prescribed Fire Council and a founding member of the Triad Mushroom Club. 

He is a frequent leader of hikes and nature walks and a speaker on local conservation issues.

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