Peace of Land Campaign Supporters

Peace of Land Campaign

One of Winston-Salem’s most beloved landscapes will forever remain pristine, thanks to the leadership of both Crossnore Communities for Children and Piedmont Land Conservancy, bolstered by the hard work and generosity of the people listed below. 

“Many generations of Winston-Salem residents have treasured this property and thousands of children have grown up learning on this land while the surrounding communities have revered its serenity. With this project, PLC and Crossnore are ensuring that current and future generations will enjoy those same benefits.”  – Kevin Redding, PLC Executive Director

Our most heartfelt gratitude goes out to the following supporters:

Peace of Land Campaign Leadership

Campaign Chair

Michael Hough

Honorary Committee

Malcolm and Patty Brown
Borden Hanes
Tom Lambeth
Noah Reynolds
John Whitaker

Honorary Committee

Cantey Alexander
Graham Bennett
Amanda and Joe Budd
Winborne and Chan Chandler
Carole and David Collins
Elizabeth Combs
Bill and Betty Gray Davis
Linda G. Davis

Susan and Martin Gilmore
Royce Hough
Chris Jones
Lucinda Jones
Dyeann Jordan
Emily Lambeth
Cama and Robert Merritt

Scottie and David Neill
Margie and Dan Pearson
John and Fowler Ruffin
C. Sommer
Carolyn Strickland
Ben Sutton
Charles Taft
Virginia “Ginny” Weiler

Peace of Land Campaign Donors

Wild Flower Club of Winston-Salem
Little Greens Garden Club
The Mabee Family Foundation
Garden Study Club
Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation, Inc.
Capital Development Services
Brown Finch Foundation
Salem Funeral & Cremation Service
Forsyth County
RJR Class of 1959
Sutton Family Foundation
James T. and Louise R Broyhill Foundation
John W. and Anna H. Hanes Foundation
The Mary H. Cain Foundation
Morgan Stanley Foundation
Duke Energy Foundation
Cannon Foundation
Winston-Salem Foundation
Mariam & Robert Hayes Charitable Trust
Lawndale Garden Club
BB&T Charitable Fund
Maloy Family Foundation
Stephenson Pope Babcock Foundation
The Tom & Elaine Wright Family Foundation
City of Winston-Salem
Bill and Judy Watson Fund for the Arts
Tom Davis Fund
Strickland Family Foundation
Full Sun Part Shade Garden Club
Dr. and Mrs. James F. Toole Advised Fund
Centenary United Methodist Church
Sierra Club – Foothills Group
Wells Fargo Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Martin Advised Fund
Garden Club Council of Winston-Salem and Forsyth County
Fader Real Estate
Reynolds Foundation (Josh and Marie Reynolds Fdn)
Legatus Foundation
Bank of America Charitable Foundation
The Robert and Cama Merritt Charitable Fund
PAB Division – WILEMAL Fund
Santosha Fund of Whatcom Community Foundation
Rotary Club of Winston-Salem
James G. Hanes Memorial Fund
Judy A. Aanstad and Bradford Rauschenberg
Thomas R. Adams and Danna L. Wortman
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Albright
Mr. Jeff Allen and Dr. Laura Allen
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Amme
Mrs. Cynthia Anderson
Paul and Maggie Anderson
Taylor Ansley
Susan Appt & Erik Rasmussen
Mr. Dan R. Ariail
Nathan & Lisa Atkinson
Ms. Colleen Atwood
Louise Z. Austell
Elizabeth K. Bailey
Mr. and Mrs. William Baldridge
Kimberly Barnhardt
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Barron
William E. Batts III
Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Bell, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Graham Bennett
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bennett
Spencer & Mimi Bennett
John and Louise Benson
Mr. and Mrs. Donald B. Bergey
Michael & Debra Beroth
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick L. Berry
Stephen & Lois Beuttel
Janice & Tom Blackburn
Mr. and Mrs. David Blanco
Jonathan & Kristie Blanco
Dr. Frederick A. Blount
Mr. and Mrs. John Boelhower
Mr. and Mrs. Henry M. Booke
Richard & Barbara Borucki
Dr. and Mrs. Edwyn Bowen
Kaye & Tom Brandon
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Brenner
Jason & Keely Bridges
Stephanie T. Brooks
Mrs. Caroline Brost
Grace and Jimmy Broughton
Dr. and Mrs. Malcolm M. Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Royall Brown
Beverly Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Brown
Reverend and Mrs. Rodney C. Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Budd
Mr. James A. Bunn
Mr. John M. Burkart and Ms. Marcia B. Szewczyk
Dr. and Mrs. Henry Burnett
Beau & Anneli Burns
Diana Calaway
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas A. Canavello
Drew & Sara Cannon
Mr. and Mrs. B. W. Cardwell
Mrs. James F. Carlisle, Sr.
Dr. and Mrs. Eric Carlson
Brooks and Sherri Carter
Ms. Lee Ann C. Carter
Charles & Janice Carter
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Cash
Scott & Greer Cawood
Dr. and Mrs. Dudley C. Chandler, Jr.
Mr. Christopher Chapman and Mrs. Mary B. Blackwell-Chapman
Dr. Mary Chervenak
Mr. and Mrs. F. Hudnall Christopher, Jr.
Tom Clauset
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Clegg, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander J. K. Clegg
Mr. and Mrs. William Clingman III
Benjamin & Vivian Coates
Ms. Margaret Cobb
Bob & Pam Collette
Dr. and Mrs. David Collins
Ms. Elizabeth S. Combs
Ms. Jean B. Cooper
Mrs. Anne Copenhaver
Leon Corbett
Lauren Corbett
Mrs. Nancy Crooks and Mr. Allin Cottrell
Mr. David Couch and Mrs. Stephanie Quayle
Mr. and Mrs. David B. Craft
Michael & Valerie Crane
Mr. & Mrs. C. P. Craver
William C. Crawford & Beverly J Broyles
Mrs. Elizabeth W. Crockett
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Crow
Ms. Lila Cruikshank and Mr. Bill Donovan
Thomas T Crumpler & Carolyn Strickland

Rebecca Currin & Lee Ann Manning
John & Shari Dallas
Lester & Linda J Daniels
Mitch Davidson & Sandra Lackey-Davidson
Mr. and Mrs. William K. Davis
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Davis III
Mr. and Mrs. J. Wesley Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Larry D. Davis
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Davis III
Mr. and Mrs. Larry D. Davis
Mr. Bill & Mrs. Betty Gray Davis
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Davis III
R. Brandt Deal
Mr. Sam Dempsey
Debra Demske
Mr. and Mrs. Henry B. Dennis, Jr.
Patricia B. Divine
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Dossinger
Christina Douglas
Ms. Lucy B. Downey-Smith and Mr. James Smith
Mrs. Mary M. Dudley
Mr. David R. Duff
Victor B. Dufort
Vincent Dyer
Elizabeth Earle
Mr. Palmer Edwards
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Edwards
Dr. and Mrs. James Eisenach
Mr. and Mrs. James Eller
Ms. Clare Fader and Mr. Brad Cokendolpher
Susan E. Fahrbach
Mr. David Fairall
Arabelle P. Fedora
Ms. Elizabeth L. Fenwick
Nora & RT Ferrell
Charles and Catherine Fields
David Finn & Page Laughlin
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Fly
Charles David Ford
Betty Forrest
Caleb C. Fort
Julia Fortner
Sharon Fortner & Dave Anderson
David Fouche
Rich & Sue Freeman
Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Frey
Mrs. Lauren Q. D. Frye
John & Lori Fryer
Ms. Nella Fulton
Mr. and Mrs. John Gehring
Jennifer L. Gentry
Elisa Geren
Barbara Gerhard
Steve & Lynn Gibson
Robert F. Giegengack
Rebecca Gill
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Gilmore
Dr. and Mrs. Dulaney Glen
Mr. and Mrs. J. Kirk Glenn, Jr.
Lane Goddard & David Hatcher
Milton Goetz
Jayashree B. Gokhale
Katherine & Quin Gordon
Lisa Lofland Gould
Michael & Daniela Grady
Cythnia and William Graham
Mr. B. Kelly Graves
Ms. Greta Gray
Catherine Green
Mr. Barry Griffith
Rich & Joyce Griner
William Clay Grubb
Earl and Ann Guill
Jacqueline M. Gulley
Mr. Peter W. Hairston, Jr.
Lee Dalton Hanes
Mr. and Mrs. F. Borden Hanes Jr.
Ms. Charlotte Hanes
Mr. and Mrs. F. Borden Hanes Jr.
Mary R. Hanley
Roy Hantgan and Julie Edelson
Virginia S. Hart
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Hatchell
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Hatling
Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Hauser
Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Hauser
Mr. and Mrs. Larry W. Hauser
Wesley & Amret Hawfield
Ms. Laura Hearn
Emma Hebard
W. Carey Hedgpeth, Jr.
Peter Loomis & Diana Hellebush
Glenda Henson
Kathy Hewett
Paulette Hiatt
Brent & Meg Hilleary
Mr. John R. Hobert
Mr. William E. Hollan, Jr.
Martha S. Holland
Ms. Sue Homewood and Mr. Matt Perry
Mr. and Mrs. James Hopkins
Debora Horning & Jill Carraway
Royce Hough
Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Hough
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin M. Hough
Robert & Anne Hudson
Glenn & Ruth Hudspeth
Cashin Hunt
John & Brenda Hutchins
John & Kathleen Hutton
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Irvin
Ms. N. Jane Iseley
Charlie and Kathy Izard
Jesse and Anna Jarrell
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Jenkins
K. L. Jensen
Hugh W. Jernigan, Jr. and\ M. Susan Dobyns
Jerry and Barbara Jernigan
Grayson and Pamela Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Jones
Terry Jones & Roger Hill
Mr. and Mrs. Frankie T. Jones, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Jones
Mrs. Anne Markey Jones
Mr. Warren C. Jones
Mrs. Anne Markey Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Jordan
Mr. and Mrs. Henry H. Jordan II
Catherine Jourdan
Peter and Elyse Jung
Peter & Beth Juran
Christine Keeley
Molly and Greg Keener
Sean and Elizabeth Kehoe
Dr. and Mrs. David L. Kelly
Jim & Louise Kelly
Mr. and Mrs. Stanhope A. Kelly
William Ketner
Nancy J. Kilstrom

Kayce King
Audrey Kirby
Dr. and Mrs. Paul M. Kirkman
Mr. James W. Kluttz
Mark & Jenni Knudson
Dr. and Mrs. Keith Kooken
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Koontz
Daniel & Heidi Krowchuk
Gregory Kucera & Noni Waite-Kucera
Mr. Wilson C. Lamb, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Lambeth
Judy Lambeth & Jerry McAfee
Ms. Colleen M. Lanier
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Lassiter
Laurienti Family
Dr. and Mrs. W. Hampton Lefler
The Honorable Mary A. Leight
Mr. Donald L. Lendle and Ms. Margaret A. Harper
Debora A. Leonard
Michael and Michelle Leonard
Bill & Cheri Lezan
Mrs. Marie Linton
Dan & Paula Locklair
Paul and Sheilah Lombardo
Anne Long
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Long
Mr. Paul A. Lowe, Jr.
Dr. Stephan B. Lowe and Ms. Naila Gazale-Lowe
Linda S. Luvaas
Martha Mabee
T. Parker Maddrey
Kim and Will Mann
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Mann
Louise S. Marlowe
Alejandro Marquez and Octavia Rangel
Happy Martin
Mr. Larry M. Martin
Mr. James H. Mashburn and Mr. Kenneth Frazelle
Clifton Matthews
Steven May
Mary McAfee
Shawn and Annette McCleary
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. McCullough
Dr. and Mrs. David L. McCullough
Darcy McCurry
Sarah McFarland & Paul Odom
Paul Stewart McGill
Dr. Timothy McGowen
Mr. Gregory Thomas McGrath
Ed & Rebecca McKee
Mary Millis McLaughlin
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas W. McLean
Bobby & Melene McMannen
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. McNeely
E.S. McNichols
Rick Meath
Mrs. Robert E. Merritt
Rick and Connie Merritt
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Michalek
Cece & Joe Middleton
Ms. Julia Miley
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Miller
Mr. Jack C. Mitchell
Joseph & Harriet Mitchener
Sarah and Henry Mixon
David and Mindy Mock
David and Mindy Mock
Ms. Andrea Moore
Richard and Mary Moore
Willena Moore
Anne Morehead
Mr. and Mrs. George Moretz
Mr. Ronald E. Morris and Ms. Roseann Rush
Robert C. Morris
Barbara Mory
Mr. and Mrs. Walter V. Murray
Mr. and Mrs. T. David Neill
Sean and Janice Nelligan
Mrs. Rosemary K. Nelson
Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Newman
Mr. and Mrs. George Newton
David Bradley Niven
Mr. and Mrs. Otis Northington
Andrea R. Nugent
Thomas and Elizabeth O’Meara
Monique OConnell
Paul Odom & Sarah McFarland
Grady Burgin & Charlotte Offerdahl
Grady Burgin & Charlotte Offerdahl
Mr. and Mrs. Sam C. Ogburn, Sr.
Jane Olmsted
Joe & Langdon Oppermann
Mr. and Mrs. L. Glenn Orr, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Ernie Osborn
Larry & Carol Owens
Mr. Taylor G. Owens
Ms. Mildred Paden
Jim & Maureen Parent
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Park, Jr.
Anne Parker
Janet H. Parker
Mrs. Bonnie D. Paschal
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Pasche
Charles and Leigh Pate
Sherryl B. Paylor
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel F. Pearson
Sara & Milton Peddycord
Brenda Penney
Martin Penry
Mr. and Mrs. F. D. Pepper, Jr.
Bill & Jane Pfefferkorn
Ms. Laura Phail
Mary Jane Pishko
Martha Pittman
Mr. Graydon Pleasants and Ms. Margaret Scales
Molly and Steve Poleskey
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Porter
Rachel Powell
Terry Powell and Brad Herr
Gus Preschle
Pamela J. Price
Mr. J. Timothy Prout
Mr. and Mrs. J. Michael Pryor
Mary Joan Pugh
Ms. Susan L. Pullen
Mrs. Elizabeth Quick
Mr. and Mrs. George Ragland
Ms. Cornelia L. Rankin
Mr. and Mrs. Sam A. Rankin, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. John Reece
John & Libby Reece
Nick & Courtney Reed
Stephanie L. Rehm
Wells and Bridget Reynolds

Mr. and Mrs. W. Noah Reynolds
Betty A. Richardson
Art and Ann Riddle
Mr. and Mrs. David Riggins
Pamela Ripsom & Christine Nickerson
Ronald K. Robertson
Mr. Michael Robinson and Ms. Wynn Tanner
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Rogers
Charles Rose
Dr. and Mrs. Dennis W. Ross
David and Brenda Ross
Mr. Olle and Dr. Emily Rostlund
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel P. Rothrock
Mr. and Mrs. Jeri Rowe
Jenny Rowland
Traci D. Royster
Dr. and Mrs. Michael H. Rubin
John Ruddiman
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Ruffin
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Ruffin
Mr. and Mrs. James Ruffin
Mr. Dalton D. Ruffin
Ms. Roseann Rush
Robynn Rutledge
Mr. Michael Ryden and Mr. Arthur Easter
Chacy San Filippo & Janice Wakefield
Dr. Benjamin Sayers
Mrs. Herbert Schafer
Wendell & Jayn Scholander
Mrs. Judy Newton Scurry
Mr. W. David Shannon
Steve & Diana Shelton
Sheila Shields
Doug and Ruth Shouse
Mr. David Shuford
Dr. Tommy Simpson
Paul & Sara Sinal
James & Laura Slawter
Mrs. Phyllis G. Slawter
Ms. Elizabeth Sloan
Phyllis B. Smith
Peter & Helen Smith
Jackson & Peggy Smith
Michael G. Smith
Lavina M. Smith
Elizabeth A. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. James Smyth
Lawrence & Beverly Snively
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Spach
Neil & Tonya Sparks
Lee & Kimberly Spencer
Mrs. Nancy S. N. Spencer
Barbara Speranza
Mary B. Spry
Sandy & Bill Steele
Gene and Margaret Stewart
Ms. Preston Stockton
Mr. Dick Stockton
Thomas B. Stockton
Mr. and Mrs. John Stone
Mr. and Mrs. Tom J. Stopyra
Mr. and Ms. Charles C. Stott
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Strawsburg
Mr. and Mrs. James B. Stuart
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Sullivan
Ms. Iris A. Sunshine & Mr. John Weir
Susan E. Surratt
Anne Sweazey
Dr. Charles Taft and Ms. Charlotte Hanes
Steve & Lee Tate
Dan and Gwynne Taylor
Mickey & Treva Thigpen
Andrea Thomas
R. Bradley & Kandace W Thomason
David and Cathleen Thompson
Arlene Edwards Thompson
Deborah & Grady Thompson
Charles & Cindy Thompson
Ms. Lynn Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Tobaben
Mrs. Gilbert A. Toon
Ms. Robin E. Tower and Mr. Gary Hendricks
Mr. and Mrs. Lary Treanor
Mr. and Mrs. Lary Treanor
Mr. and Mrs. Lary Treanor
Dr. and Mrs. William W. Truslow
Ms. Norma Turnham
Mr. and Mrs. Randall Tuttle
Robert Ulery
Mr. and Mrs. William Van Hoven
Richard S. Vann
Mr. John Thomas Vlachos and Ms. Maria Pauls Vlachos
Rich & Bess Wagner
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher M. Wagner
Kelley C. Waite
George & Phyllis Walker
Mr. and Mrs. Philip R. Waugh, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. H. Michael Weaver
Drs. Peter and Ann Weigl
Ginny Weiler and Claudine Legault
Ginny Weiler and Claudine Legault
Ms. Maribeth Weinman
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Wellman
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Westbrook
Ms. Mary Lu Whaling
Mr. and Mrs. John Wheeler
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Whitaker, Jr.
Doug & Mary White
Ernest & Mary Blake White
Marshall & Amy White
Monte & Susan White
Mr. Robert M. Whitnell and Ms. Anne G. Glenn
Joan E Wilkins
Jim and Emmy Williams
Ms. Ann M. Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen T. Williams
Dr. Amy J. Williams
Mr. Thomas Williamson
Mr. Robert M. Willis
Hazel Willis
Mr. Toney and Mrs. Angela Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. Jackson D. Wilson, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Wimmer
Eric Winicov & Darcie Lewis
Mr. Ralph Womble and Ms. Ashley Edwards
Mr. and Mrs. William F. Womble, Jr.
Joel Wooten
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald F. Wright
Grant and Cynthia Wright
Dr. Anita H. Young and Mr. Bill Young
Kevin & Kristen Zeller

Thank you.

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