Clean Water

Rivers and streams flow throughout North Carolina, with every backyard or backwoods stream flowing into one of our major rivers. In the Piedmont, there are several major rivers:

  • The Yadkin River, which flows from the mountains down through central North Carolina and into the Pee Dee River in South Carolina, and includes the Mitchell River and Fisher River as major tributaries;
  • The Dan River, which flows from Virginia into North Carolina and back into Virginia into the Roanoke River, and includes the Mayo River as a major tributary;
  • The Haw River and Deep River, both part of the Cape Fear watershed, which is one of the only watersheds to originate and flow only in North Carolina.

PLC works across our region to protect rivers and streams so we can have clean drinking water and beautiful places for swimming, canoeing and fishing. Here we highlight a few of our major river projects.