Haw River State Park – Guilford/Rockingham County

In 2003, the General Assembly authorized the creation of the proposed Haw River State Park at the recommendation of the Guilford County Open Space Committee (GCOSC). This state park, only minutes away from Greensboro will offer camping, hiking, and outdoor education opportunities for today and tomorrow while preserving critical wetlands in the rapidly growing Triad region.

Beginning in 2004, PLC, the GCOSC, and NC Division of Parks and Recreation started working together to identify, meet with and negotiate with landowners interested in selling property to the State for inclusion in the park. PLC entered into a partnership with GCOSC to identify willing landowners to establish Haw River State Park.  Through this partnership, PLC helped acquire five properties for the Haw River State Park. For more information regarding the Haw River State Park, visit the NC Division of Parks and Recreation.

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Project funding provided by PLC, Land and Water Conservation Fund, NC Parks and Recreation Trust Fund, NC Division of Parks and Recreation and NC Ecosystem Enhancement Program.