Pinecroft Lake Park – Guilford County

Eugene & Mary Foushee, J. Giles & Mildred Foushee and John & Mary Ann Burroughs. Donation of Land.

The Foushee Family grew up on Pinecroft Lake and has vivid memories of walking its wooded shores in the spring and fall and ice skating on it in the winter. Sixty years after its creation in the 1930’s, Pinecroft Lake was beginning to convert back to a forest due to increased sedimentation caused by upstream land use changes. The Foushee Family wanted to ensure it would continue to provide residents of Greensboro with an outdoor classroom where one can walk along wooded paths and observe the myriad of wildlife and birds that frequent this pond.

The Foushees donated the land to PLC in 1994 with the understanding that the land would be given to the City of Greensboro subject to a conservation easement held by PLC. The terms of the easement ensure that the City manages the property for wildlife habitat. Sedimentation of the pond continues although beaver activity has often delayed the process. Dredging of the excess sedimentation is likely needed. Pinecroft Lake Park, located along Pinecroft Road and Cypress Road, is open to the public.

Project funding provided by the landowners and PLC.