Price Park – Guilford County

“People have asked me why we want to save this land. It is not just for the past, not just to honor Julian and Ethel Clay Price, but because we hope that this land will become what we in Greensboro need – a ‘vacant lot’ where we can see our imagination to create plays, write poetry, discover nature, sing, be happy and enjoy God’s goodness and our fellow man.”

-Kay Edwards

When 400 acres of the beloved former Jefferson-Pilot Corporation Club property went on the market for development in the late 1990s, PLC immediately stepped in to help save a portion of this land for a public park. Leadership and funding from the Price Family, including Pricey Harrison and her mother Kay Bryan Edwards, as well as a donation from the City of Greensboro (under Mayor Carolyn Allen) made this dream possible and saved this beautiful land for all to enjoy. The City now manages the 92-acre Julian and Ethel Clay Price Park which is protected by a conservation easement held by PLC and features hiking trails and a bird and butterfly sanctuary. The Kathleen Clay Edwards Family Branch Library, the city’s most popular branch library, sits on the site of the former Jefferson Pilot Club house and operates with an environmental theme, a fitting way to honor Kay Edwards’ love of libraries and this special place.

Project funding provided by Kay Bryan Edwards, Kathleen Price Bryan Family Fund, the City of Greensboro, and PLC.