Dan River Bends – Stokes County

19 Acres

PLC’s Dan River Bends Preserve is located on a beautiful section of the Dan River in Stokes County near Hanging Rock State Park. With its forested bluffs, Dan River Bends is part of a regionally significant natural heritage area due to the presence of several rare and uncommon plants including the cliff stonecrop (Sedum glaucophyllum), the northern cup-plant (Silphium perfoliatum), and the federally endangered small-anthered bittercress (Cardamine micranthera).

PLC acquired this tract in 2001 when the owners, aware of its conservation value, approached PLC prior to placing the property on the market. Since purchasing the property, PLC received US Fish and Wildlife Service funding to stabilize the river access, plant trees in the former tobacco field in the bottomland, and replace a culvert on the access road.

Project funding provided by PLC, the NC Clean Water Management Trust Fund and the US Fish and Wildlife Service.