Fishers Peak – Surry County

1,800 Acres

One of our region’s most significant landmarks, Fishers Peak is nestled in the northwest corner of Surry County where the Blue Ridge Parkway reaches the North Carolina/Virginia state line. It contains the headwaters of 13 separate streams that drain into the Fisher River, a clear flowing tributary of the Yadkin River. The largest streams are believed to contain native brook trout. The steep slopes and rock outcroppings contain rare grasses and unique wildlife habitat. Over five years, in five separate projects, PLC has protected more than 1,800 acres of this significant natural area.

Fishers Peak rises to nearly 3,300 feet, dominating the Surry County landscape. Situated near the Blue Ridge Parkway, Fishers Peak forms the scenic backdrop for the Blue Ridge Music Center, an outdoor amphitheater operated by the National Park Service along the Parkway.

The property is completely forested and home to a healthy wildlife population, including black bears. Fishers Peak is designated as a “State Significant” natural heritage area due to the presence of unique rock outcrops and related significant plant species, including:

  • Porter’s reedgrass (Calamagrostis porter)
  • Rock rose/Sunrose (Helianthemum sp.)
  • Cliff stonecrop sedum (Sedum glaucophyllum)
  • Virginia spiderwort (Tradescantia virginiana)
  • Rusty cliff fern (Woodsia ilvensis)

Project funding provided by the Amon G. Carter Foundation, the WILEMAL Fund, Fred and Alice Stanback, NC Clean Water Management Fund.