Ridges Mountain – Randolph County

186 Acres

G. Lee and Linda Kenan and Edward and Marendia Morris.  Bargain Sale of Lands.

Named for Geoffrey Ridges, owner of the trading post that once graced this property, Ridges Mountain is a regionally significant natural heritage site. Within these two tracts one can observe four natural communities – Basic Oak Hickory Forest, Monadnock Forest, Upland Depression Pools, and Upland Depression Swamp Forest – that provide critical habitat for several critters including breeding salamanders, frogs, and neotropical migratory songbirds. A stone wall remnant located alongside one of the property’s four upland depression pools reminds visitors of the site’s historical significance as part of the Great Trading Path. However, the crowning feature of Ridges Mountain is the boulders (some are as high as fifty feet) located within the Monadnock Forest at the top that provide perfect viewing locations of the surrounding Randolph County.

By appointment only. Contact nell.allen@nczoo.org, NC Zoological Park.

Project funding provided by the landowner, PLC, Mary & Elliot Wood Foundation, Cannon Foundation, Kathleen Price Bryan Family Fund, Hans Klaussner Foundation and the NC Natural Heritage Trust Fund.