Stuart & Emma Thomas Memorial Trail Supporters

Stuart & Emma Thomas Memorial Trail

After the campaign to protect one of Winston-Salem’s most beloved landscapes, Andrea Thomas, along with many generous supporters, stepped in to fund the building of this public trail in memory of father and daughter, Stuart & Emma Thomas. The trail will always welcome people to travel its path and find moments of peace, strength, and joy thanks to the community who came together to make it happen.

“When you lose people you love so much, there is a great desire to make sure they’re remembered, and I knew this would be so meaningful to them. They both were great lovers of the outdoors.”
– Andrea Thomas

Our most heartfelt gratitude goes out to the following supporters:

Bald Eagle

Andrea Thomas,
  Scout, Bibi, Jack & Annie Thomas

Michael Anderson & Bethany Coates,
Shaler, Nina, Helena & Isla Anderson

The Mary H. Cain Foundation

Barred Owl

Sidney & Lynn Anderson
Grace & Jimmy Broughton
Mary Louise & John Burress III
Claire & Hudnall Christopher, Jr.
Mildred Paden & Mac Davis
Helena & Diego Ribadeneira
Susan & Walter Robertson
Allison & Richard Watts
Frederick E. Wilson III
Caren & Greg York

Eastern Meadowlark

Marie & Guy Arcuri
Moore & Moo Moo Councill
Mary M. Dudley
Shaida & Vance Horner
Leonard Ryden Burr Real Estate
Janice & Charles Lovett
The Lovett Foundation
Barry Lundgren
Red, Marinda, Miller & Cassie Maxwell
David N. Parker, Jr.
Sheryl & Chris Poole
Mary & John Schultz
Tom & Caroline Stopyra

Indigo Bunting

Mrs. Vera Angell
Margarita Baez
Margaret & Jim Bell
Mr. Edwin T. Beroth
Mr. & Mrs. Lee Bettis
Mr. & Mrs. James E. Bland, Jr.
Charlotte & David Broughton
Scott & Greer Cawood
Adam Charnes & Jennifer Collins
Hannah Davis
Martha & Linwood Davis
John Dixon

Cliff Dossel & Allison Perkins
Dr. Roger Echols & Dr. Carol Geer
Mr. & Mrs. Haywood Edmundson V
Dan & Sidney Falken
West & Jeni Fowler
Colleen & Morris Friedman
Mark Glen & Ann Urban
Susan & Charles Hauser
Laura Hearn
Meg & Brent Hilleary
Ana & Steve Iltis
Rita Jia

Sarah & Riyaz Jinnah
Peter & Jamie Kelly
Mr. M. Carlyle Kinlaw, Jr.
Breck Knapp
Mrs. Colleen Leece
Michelle & Mike Leonard
Angus MacLachlan & Jennifer Snowhite
Susan & John Mann
Mr. & Mrs. James E. Martin
Kate & Joe Michalek
Emily & Alex Miller
Amy & John Morrow

Ann Parke Muller
Mrs. Carol O. Murray
Louise B. Pollard
Mrs. Nancy S. N. Spencer
Ms. Estella Surratt
Dr. Charles Taft & Charlotte Hanes
Stephen Tatter & Kathleen Ghiorsi
Cynthia & Bill Tessien
Mr. & Mrs. Dale Brown
Bibi Thomas & Girl Scout Troop 40184
Beth & John Thomas

Additional Trail Supporters

Anonymous Donors
Forsyth County
Richard Lundgren, Inc
Lu Anne Wood Consulting
Legatus Foundation
Mrs. Lee R. Aldridge and Miss Stephanie Thomas
Kathleen Ausen
Jule and Suzanne Banzet
William & Kathy Boone Blackard
Edwin & Rosalie Bland
Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Bond
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Brenner
Dr. and Mrs. Henry Burnett
Darren & Elaine Byers
Matthew R. Carey
Ms. Kathrine D. Carruthers
Dr. Ashton Chen and Dr. Jeffrey Bong
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Cotterill
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Crow
Patrick & Leah Crowley

Rebecca Currin & Lee Ann Manning
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Dean
Christina Douglas
Dr. and Mrs. James Eisenach
Adam and Rebecca Ginn
John Grdina & Lindsay Ellen Beach
Mr. and Mrs. Murray C. Greason, Jr.
Christopher & Julianna Gyves
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Harmon, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Hatchell
Dr. Anita Henderson
Mr. William E. Hollan, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Greg Holthusen
Mr. and Mrs. James Hopkins
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Jones
Wesley and Mary Keever
Edward & Shiva Kincaid
Ms. Amy L. Leander
Ms. Nancy Y. Madden
Paul Stewart McGill
Ed & Rebecca McKee

Joseph Mills
James & Elizabeth Morgan
Deanna Carlisle Moss
Mr. and Mrs. Otis Northington
Ms. Mildred Paden
Deborah Lynn Parsley
Michelle A. Portman
Thomas & Karen Pranikoff
Mr. J. Timothy Prout
Pamela Ripsom & Christine Nickerson
Walter and Susan Robertson
Jenny & Zach Sandbulte
Ms. Elizabeth Sloan
Will & Katherine Spencer
The Morrow Family
Jeff Thomas
James M. Walter, Jr.
Ginny Weiler and Claudine Legault
Ernest & Mary Blake White
Steven & Kathryn S White


Thank you for honoring the memory of Stuart & Emma.

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