In the heart of north Carolina

PLC becomes the official non-profit partner for The Deep River State Trail


In the heart of North Carolina…

Along the Deep River there’s a movement happening: an effort to complete the Deep River State Trail.

Since its designation as a state trail in 2007 and coordinated efforts to build the trail since 2015, the hardworking people behind the Deep River State Trail have completed five miles of land trail in Randolph County, with many more miles of trail planned. Even with designation as a state trail, the efforts had not received special state funding to aid progress – until now.

The 2021 North Carolina state budget brought historic funding to state trails through the Complete the Trails Fund. The Complete the Trails Fund guarantees funding for each state trail, with 12 trails currently designated in North Carolina. The Great Trails State Coalition ( advocated for securing this funding with Piedmont Legacy Trails and Piedmont Land Conservancy leading efforts for funding trails in North Carolina. 

Piedmont Land Conservancy will be the non-profit partner for the Deep River State Trail. PLC has been a key partner for the Deep River State Trail in the past by working to protect land for the trail at Faith Rock Preserve, Worthville Dam, and a section of Franklinville’s portion of the trail. PLC has also created promotional content and is a member of the Randolph County Trails Advisory Committee. Collectively, PLC, N.C. State Parks, Randolph County, the Randolph County Trails Advisory Committee, and the Deep River Steering Committee will determine projects to fund with the Complete the Trails Fund allocations, provide project management, promote the trail, and actively seek opportunities to develop the trail.

The Great Trails State Coalition is advocating for recurring funding so development of the trail will stay consistent and pick up steam.

PLC Conservation Sign at Faith Rock Preserve

Here’s the vision: The Deep River State Trail will be a land and paddle trail, 125 miles long from the river’s start to the confluence with the Haw River, where together they form the Cape Fear River. The paddle trail will have river access every 5-10 miles and the land trail will follow the river to the greatest extent possible. With strong leadership, creative partnerships, community support, and continued state funding we know it’s possible.

The existing segments of the Deep River State Trail have already provided substantial benefit to the surrounding communities by increasing tourism and improving health of local residents. Those benefits will continue to grow as more of the trail is completed.

Want to see what all the excitement is about? Check out our guide below.

Worthville Beach, Protected by PLC

Your Guide to the

Deep River State Trail

Discover the beauty of the Deep River on five miles of trail.


The Deep River State Trail in Randleman, also known as the Randleman Greenway, is 1.5 miles of fine gravel trail that features views of the Deep River. You’ll find the occasional bench or picnic table waiting for you along the way. The trail is an easy, mostly flat walk with lovely views as you explore the green and rocky banks of the Deep River.

Presnell St, Randleman, NC 27317


Sandwiched between the small town of Franklinville and the Deep River, the 1.75 mile Deep River State Trail leads you down a repurposed rail line through Riverside Park, past an old textile factory, and into a peaceful forest. The trail ends at Sandy Creek, where eventually a bridge will connect this section of trail to Ramseur just down the way. A great addition to this trail is one that connects right to it, Faith Rock Trail. You can access this trail from 3 different places:

Western Trailhead: 1306 Andrew Hunter Dr.
Mid: 163 W Main St.
Eastern Trailhead: 435 Rising Sun Way


Flat and shaded, the Deep River State Trail in Ramseur, also know as the Ramseur Rail Trail, is a great spot to visit when it heats up. There are two sections of trail here separated by the currently impassable Harlan Creek. A bridge is planned to join the two sections in the future. The fine gravel trail goes through hardwood forest with glimpses of Deep River. The eastern section features a dam and the remaining footprint of the old Columbia Manufacturing Co. cotton mill, first built in 1850.

Eastern Trailhead:728 Liberty St.
Western Trailhead: 5960 US 64

Faith Rock Trail

Although not technically designated as part of the Deep River State Trail, this 0.75 mile natural surface trail connects right to the trail in Franklinville. It takes you to the top of a 50-foot blue stone outcrop as it juts into the Deep River. The preserve will always be there as it’s protected in perpetuity by PLC. From the trailhead, cross the historic bridge and follow the trail through woods with beautiful views of Deep River to the top of Faith Rock, a natural heritage site with rare plants.

1306 Andrew Hunter Rd, Franklinville, NC 27248

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